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All Natural Soap vs. Soap with Artificial Additives

I started out making only all natural soap. I wanted something better for my skin than what I was getting at a store. I was doing it for me. I eventually started selling and giving to friends and was very surprised and a little disappointed that most people are more concerned with how great it smells and not how great it is for your skin. So, I started making the smell pretty soap with artificial fragrances for them because that’s what they wanted. So here is the run down. No matter how much fragrance you put in soap, your skin is not going to smell like it. It’s soap. It’s washing the fragrance down the drain just like the dirt and oil on your skin. On the other hand, soap made with natural nutrient rich ingredients actually benefits your skin. It can help you have softer, brighter skin as well as removing impurities from your your skin and help heal damaged skin. Artificial ingredients have zero benefit other than it smells good while you’re in the shower. And I don’t know about you, but I’m a little concerned at what those artificial chemicals are doing to my skin and body over time. Just a little bit of info I wanted to share. I make all kinds of products for all kinds of people but when it comes to my personal use, I stick with natural.😊

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